Cap Rocat WeddingCap Rocat Wedding

Cap Rocat wedding

Finding the words to always best describe a wedding experience or a couple getting married isn’t always the easiest of things to do. That isn’t because there isn’t much to say, quite the opposite, but it’s because there is probably too much to say. Read on and enjoy this special Cap Rocat Wedding.

I connected with Robyn several months ago and she immediately expressed how much she had connected with my work and that she must have me as her photographer for her Cap Rocat wedding. Over the next few weeks, we soon realised that we had much in common. More importantly, I came to discover Robyn’s beautiful nature and why she captivates so many peoples hearts.

If I fast forward several months and hundreds of emails, I landed on the island. I immediately made my way to meet with Robyn and Allister. Allister is the kind of man you look at and instantly think to yourself ‘this man can teach me a thing or two’. He is tall and strong but he has the softest nature surrounding him. Although, I must also add that he has the strongest handshake I have ever had to endure.

Jokes aside, I could totally see how these two beautiful souls fell in love with each other. The crazy thing is that they are both South African, they have both lived in London for many years without knowing each other but met through work. They decided on Mallorca as their wedding island and where all of their family and friends would gather together for 2 amazing days of celebrations.

Robyn and Allister not only made us feel welcome, but they also treated us like family. Together, we shared memories that will last a lifetime and for this, I am forever grateful.

Where it all happened

If you are considering a Cap Rocat wedding, do not hesitate…just do it! I have documented many weddings at Cap Rocat and the venue never lets me down. It really is a stunning, unique and historic venue that boasts some of the best views the island has to offer.

I have to also thank my brother Yiannis Alefantou for joining and supporting me on yet another venture at Cap Rocat. Without your support, I would not be where I am today. I was also privileged to work next to one of the best Video teams in the world, Philip White. You are a gentleman and a huge talent and I look forward to more work with you next year.

I believe the story of Robyn and Allister has been captured and told in its true sense showcasing their love and the fun they had. Robyn is delicate, elegant and beautiful. Allister is wise and sensitive and all of this came together in a venue that summarises their personalities.

Enjoy the story.

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