Chateau de Castellaras weddingChateau de Castellaras weddingChateau de Castellaras wedding

Peter and Florentina decided to make their dream come true with their Chateau de Castellaras wedding in the south of France and what a stunning venue it is. I believe the chapel is an 11th century building and to my surprise, there is no natural light in there…only candles. With only candle light setting the atmosphere, Peter and Florentina declared their love in front of their friends and family in the most romantic setting. It’s pretty evident that this couple are super good looking but not only are the beautiful to look at but they are the nicest couple.

Before the weekend of events, we connected in London to get to know each other some more so by the time the wedding came around, I knew their story and it was just a case of getting involved and letting the fun begin.

The lovely couple welcomed myself and Yiannis with open arms and made us feel at home. We shared some amazing moments which I will cherish forever so thank you. This was partly to do with the unique freak storm that happened on their wedding day!
Nice had one of the most aggressive storms in history and believe me, this was no normal rainy day.

The wedding was planned and set up to be just like ever other Chateau de Castellaras wedding. Pastel colours, courtyard dinner, pictures in the backlit olive orchids at sun set and champaign on the grass. However, the entire wedding itinerary had to change last minute which was a huge challenge for everyone but we never let this get in the way and now there was a new unexpected story to tell.

Kerry and Jennifer from Lavender and Rose and all the vendors worked so professionally and fixed everything minuets before the ceremony was due to start. Tables, all of flowers and cake all had to be moved indoors…crazy moments!… but the best team ever made it happen! We smiled, showed support and the rest is history. I teamed up once again with Pascal Dele who is not only an amazing cinematographer, but one of the easiest, talented and funniest vendors I have every worked with. Check out the ‘Storm of love video’ on his website.

This all goes to show that with an open heart, team effort and great people around you, anything is possible. Needless to say, their dream Chateau de Castellaras wedding did come true…but just slightly wetter than planned.

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