French Riviera Wedding

French Riviera wedding.

Wow, what can I say about the amazing French Riviera wedding of Melody and Sahil that could come close to justifying the fun we all had. Melody is a warm soul who grew up in the South if France, studied in Paris and met her soul mate in Dubai whilst discovering new career adventures. Sahil was raised and studied in Mumbai and Dubai and on one special day, they’re stars aligned and the match was made.

The Intimate wedding.

They decided to celebrate their wedding with friends and family from all over the globe in the private residence of Melody’s parents in Cogolin. This made the celebration that little bit more intimate and special. Having a French Riviera Wedding would always turn out special as the region simply boasts some of the best views Europe has to offer. However, to have your wedding on your own property has to be that bit more special.

Your typical French Riviera Wedding is surrounded by pastel colours, lavender and lace but this party was something else. Melody and Sahil are simply amazing people. They made us all feel so welcome. They made us part of their family over the 3 days of events. I arrived a stranger and left a friend.

The wedding was not only beautifully set in the family home, but they also celebrated the ceremony in one of the most amazing churches I have ever shot in. Saint Michael church in Grimaud will always be remembered for its stunning history and ambience.

Everyone knows that my favourite part of every wedding is the party. This party was one of the best celebrations I have ever documented. We partied to 4am with the best crowd any couple could dream of. Everyone was amazing! Thomas Dusseune, the best DJ every, once again played the best set and managed to fuse every eclectic sound from around the world that raised the roof.

I was also teamed up with very talented guys ‘Vision on Fire’ who documented the wedding video. They did an amazing job! Be sure to check them out and I hope to be working with them again.

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