Island Athens Riviera Wedding

Evona and Theo ventured all of the way from New York to have their dream Island Athens Riviera Wedding amongst all of their friends and family. Evona and Theo are New York born Greeks. If you met them, you would never think they lived anywhere else but Athens.

Their second home is also in the heart of the capital.  It only felt right to get married at Island Athens Riviera. To add to the glamour of their wedding, a long list of Greek singers and celebrities blessed the stage with amazing performances.

Evona and Theo envisioned a big yet intimate wedding celebration. Big in numbers (after all, they are Greek) but intimate with their guest list and ambiance. When we first connected on Skype, Evona and Theo shared how much they felt moved by my storytelling and wanted nothing less than true and honest photography. After hearing that, I knew we would have an amazing experience documenting their wedding.


Island Athens Riviera Wedding

If anyone is debating on having an Island Athens Riviera Wedding, rest assured that its views set the backdrop for a perfect wedding. The venue boasts some of the most amazing sea views and is set amongst several historic and beautiful trees.

Once again, I worked with the amazing team ‘The 12 Events” who planned and designed the most beautiful weddings. This time, they certainly did not fail us with their jaw-dropping design and the ambiance they created.

I know many couples would dream of their beautiful Island Athens Riviera Wedding and in this case, I truly believe Evona and Theo got exactly what they dreamed of. I wish them and their lovely families the very best for their future.

Planners: The 12 Events

Film: We Heart Films

Venue: Island Athens Riviera

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