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Are you a photographer who feels;

Like you have no work/life balance and you’re spinning too many plates?
That you lack direction and you’re not making progress?
That clients don’t value you creatively?
That your business is not profitable?

Imagine if tomorrow was a new day and from then, every client you worked with valued what you did creatively, respected your decisions and judgment, and paid you well for it.
Imagine if your business produced a profit that reflected your ability, your hard work, and enhanced your personal life.

You have probably imagined it, but what if you’re not sure how to get there?

I can help you..

come and join us


What do you struggle with?

 Feeling tired and over worked
Lacking inspiration

 Not being profitable
 Poorly organised workflow resulting in arduous extra hours in post-production
 Working with clients that don’t value what you have to offer

 Feeling out of your depth in a client relationship situation?
 Sales and marketing

 Frustration with the technical aspects of photography
 Having to do so many weddings each year just to break even

 Lack of time; which impacts on your personal relationships and leaves you with no time to yourself Spending all your time working in your business and not ON your business

south of france luxury wedding photographer adam alex

About Me:


I’m Adam Alex.
I’ve been a professional photographer for over 13 years, and I’m so grateful to have reached unbelievable heights in my career, from documenting some of the biggest weddings the world has ever seen, to gracing the cover of some of the world’s most luxurious magazines.
I’m a natural creative in every sense of the word. I’m animated, sensitive, emotional, expressive, I feel music (I don’t just hear it), and I daydream…a lot! My personality traits not only dominate my everyday existence, but they also form the framework of my brand.

But it’s not just about brand, it’s about what sets you apart from others.
What sets me apart in my market is my ability to tell a story, convey different emotions and ideas through images, and being adaptable enough to transfer my skills to very different conditions, while giving clients consistently strong content.

This has led to me being able to shoot many celebrity weddings, royal weddings, and destination weddings exclusively for 5 years and I’ve worked with some of the industry’s best.
It’s not all about talent however, it’s about hard work, humility, gratitude, and always having a goal to aim for. 
I have fulfilled a big personal creative goal of mine, which was building a successful commercial photography business, and I’ve been commissioned to shoot campaigns for various global brands. 
My commercial and wedding photography overlap one another in the form of fashion photography, and I have been the creative director and photographer on 5 cover shoots for the world’s most luxurious wedding magazine, Grace Ormonde. 
My brides, commercial and fashion clients all benefit from my skills set and life experiences, and so can you. 
I have inspired hundreds of photographers over the last 7 years, and I believe that the more people you help, the greater the success you have. This is why one of my passions is mentoring photographers and helping them to develop their own unique style, and build a successful business. 
I’m aware of the pitfalls of running a business that is not underpinned by a clear vision and strategy, and that doesn’t play to your strengths as a photographer. I have had some amazing ups in my career, but there have also been some serious downs.
My many years’ experience of documenting people from all over the globe in my own way is a constant reminder of what it takes to succeed, and of the need to be unique. 
This is me. 
Adam Alex; mentor, photographer, visual artist.


Believe it or not, you can have a diary full of clients, you can win awards, have thousands of followers on social media and you can be shooting weddings all over the globe, and still not be productive and profitable.

You may be amazingly creative, but if your business is not built on solid foundations and sound principles, you won’t be as successful as you hoped. But what does being successful mean to you? 

The chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably feel that something is missing from your business.  Let’s start from scratch and create some positive changes, in your business and your life, together.

Here are just some of the things we will cover throughout the workshop:

Introduction into the workshop (Adam)
Class introduction (Individual)
Open class critique
Introduction into creativity

The importance of visual language and storytelling
What is story telling and narration

Technical camera considerations / Aesthetic considerations
Our purpose and role as photographers

Putting together a business plan that clearly illustrates your margins, profits, and losses Developing a comprehensive sales strategy

Product placement 
Developing a profitable pricing structure
 Establishing your terms and conditions
Building an audience and a social media identity

How to visually present your business e.g. your website and social media platforms

Reviewing your portfolio
Putting together a business plan that clearly illustrates your margins, profits, and losses
How to make your workflow more efficient and the best software to use
Editing and post production

What my clients say:


Q – Will the workshop be based on wedding photography?
A – 100% yes.

Q – Will the workshop be in English?
A – Yes, all day long.

Q – What can I expect from this workshop?
A – To summarise, no workshop is responsible for someones success. I believe that in life, your attitude will determine your altitude. How open you are to want to learn will? The workshop and what I teach is sincere, open and an honest playing field for everyone to share and learn from. I will share everything I know, nothing will be hidden. I will show my workflow, how I shoot technically, what I shoot, the gear I use, the tools I use to interact with people and narrate a story, the software I use, the post production steps I take, how I market myself, how to build connections, portraiture and more. You will be exposed to a lot of information so bring a pad and pen!

Q – Why are you doing the workshop?
A – I have been mentoring and teaching photographers for 8 years solid. In an indirect way, teaching people also teaches me. I enjoy connecting with new creatives, learning, inspiring and supporting others in a direction I believe is real and honest. I want people to be better and contribute to our industry… not copy what I do, hence why I do not believe that we should be only shooting on this workshop. Shooting over my shoulder will teach you nothing, but showing you how to see, what to see and how to communicate with a clean positive visual language is what I know is best for you.
Think of every successful photographer today that has been standing strong for years and I assure you that they are unique in their style and brand image! You need to find your style, language and uniqueness and step away from all of the influences that are so easy to fall into to stand a chance in today’s market, this all starts with a thought and not a styled shoot.

Q – Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
A – I am afraid not. The workshop will not be a big class (20 max) and we have lowered the costs to the point that it just covers everything. I will however be happy to move you on top any future workshops for no extra fees.

Q – Do I need to bring a camera?
A – You are welcome to bring a camera and lens. I will be demonstrating how I shoot with a real couple and look for light, inspiration and posing. This would be your opportunity to experiment also. 

Q – What time does the workshop start?
A – We aim to start at 10:00 am so plan to arrive for 9:30am

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€200 TOTAL

  • 6th AUGUST 2018
  • Tellou Agra 3a, tk 3015 Limassol Cyprus
  • 10am – 6PM



€200 TOTAL

  • 6th AUGUST 2018
  • Tellou Agra 3a, tk 3015 Limassol Cyprus
  • 10am – 6PM


Time to commit to making that



Fashion & Commercial :

Where my wedding and commercial work meet. Enjoy some behind the scenes videos and examples of my recent work.




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