TRUE stories are amazing.

The truth will never date, never trend out or expire.

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In our childhoods, we explore,
find comfort and learn through stories.

History is made and continued through the
tradition of storytelling.



 We all measure happiness by different means but I think we can all agree that our memories are what we hold close to our hearts.

I simply document you,

your story, your…


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Every wedding is its own experience,

filled with moments.

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Friends and family gather in one special place and come together in celebration .

Warm air, sun sets, beach parties and boat trips
bring everyone


The beauty of a wedding is that the occasion creates itself.

I tell the natural story

of your love.

I like to keep things SIMPLE

real and sincere

I don’t do tricks or trends

just happiness.

The stories I love the most are stories in pictures.


I capture moments between moments, the

 spirit of your experience,

the heartbeat of life.

I create triggers. The not so obvious images that trigger a memory that will visually force you to think deeper back to a time and place.

Every narrative starts with the time and place. The same way a smell can take you back to a place and a song can bring back so many memories, I believe an image can do the same. This is your value.

In truth

your story is simply an extension


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