wedding in Goldeneye Jamaicawedding in Goldeneye Jamaica

Wedding in Goldeneye Jamaica, that just instantly sounds colorful. Well that was my first thought when I was first told I was being flown to Jamaica to document the wedding of Alexi and Sam. The super good looking couple, A&S are not only blessed with amazing bodies, but they are also super talented artists who wanted to experience their wedding in Goldeneye, Jamaica.
It seems that most of my weddings this year are for artists, designers and photographers, I take that as a blessing but believe me, this presents a different type of pressure. Alexi and Sum run an interior design firm in LA designing and creating spaces for people and companies.

Alexi and Sam are amazingly humble souls who welcomed myself and Yiannis into their ‘circle’ for a week and fed us lots of chicken and Jamaican food!
The moment we landed in Miami to transit to Jamaica, we connected with Alexi and Sam in more ways than one. We spent several days in Jamaica documenting a series of amazing moments, parties and lots of fun.

For anyone deciding on a wedding in Goldeneye Jamaica, take it from me, the resort will never let you down. It has it’s own lagoon, do I say more? The natural feel of the suits, all detached with their own jetty into the lagoon give you a very real authentic feeling about being there.Then we need to remember it Ian Fleming spent many years there writing and film the James Bond series…which is really cool. As for having a wedding in Goldeneye Jamaica, I can not say a bad word about our experience there. The service was amazing, the beaches are to die for, the sun sets last for weeks and the food was the  best ever.

I would love to extend my love and thanks again to my best friend and brother Yiannis Alefantou who travels with me all over the globe and whom I share all of these amazing experiences with.

See the pre wedding lifestyle shoot on my journal


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  • george pahountis /   9 June 2014

    super excellent images!!!

  • THanos Asfis /   10 June 2014

    Great job man !!!!

  • thanasis kaiafas /   10 June 2014

    Really there are no words for these Awesome photos adam!!!
    absolutely stunning one by one!

  • Lindsey CHang /   10 June 2014

    you captured the love, beauty, fun & absolutely amazing time that we all shared. exceptionally beautiful job!!

  • yiannis alefantou /   10 June 2014

    EVERY TIME WE ARE BACK FROM A JOURNEY LIKE THIS ONE... I FEEL BLESSED FOR THE CHANCES YOU ARE GIVING ME TO BE NEXT TO YOU... ESPECIALLY WITH THE LAST TWO WEDDINGS AT SOUTH AFRICA AND IN Jamaica WE BOTH FELT SO MANY THINGS... BECAUSE OF THE FAMILIES... EVEN THAT WE WHERE ON PARADISE, THE THING THAT I WILL NOT FORGET IT WAS YOUR FACE... YOUR WORDS... YOUR EYES... THE MOMENT EXACTLY THAT WE HAD TO SAY GOOD BUY TO SAM AND ALEXI AND TO THEIR FAMILY AT THE AIRPORT... I AM HAPPY AND I HAVE SAID THAT AGAIN AND AGAIN THAT YOU GAVE ME THE CHANCE TO MET YOU AS A WONDERFUL PERSON AND NOT ONLY AS A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER. i know how humble you are, even to read this words from me... but these are coming from my heart... thank you for everything you bring to my life... sam and alexi, what can i say... i hope you will have an amazing wonderful life... enjoy every moment... sam i am still hearing you laughing. we hope to see you in greece this year.