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Wedding in ParosWedding in Paros

Wedding in Paros

Mariam and Vlad reached out to me asking if I would document their wedding in Paros, little did I know I would be witness to some of the best partying I have ever had the pleasure of documenting.

Mariam and Vlad share a special love for the magical island of Paros as it is where Mariam spent so many years exploring and spending her holidays with family. Paros is literally her second home. Living between Switzerland, London and Greece, the lovely couple had an abundance of options for a wedding, all of which would have been stunning. However, a wedding in Paros seemed to tick all of the boxes.

Friends and family from all over the globe gathered together on the private estate of Mariam’s family for several days to party…hard! Family and friends mean everything to the couple and being able to have everyone together in once place was an opportunity that comes together only for special occasions.

We started celebrations with an amazing pre wedding dinner which soon turned into table top dancing with champagne popping all set in the a stunning restaurant nestled within a idilic traditional Greek fishing port. The wedding day, well, that was just insane and you can see the story below. The day after pool party was probably the biggest pool party I have ever documented…and the food was incredible too.

Fay Vallidis

The wedding was designed and planned by the amazing Fay Vallidis. Fay and her team produce incredible wedding designs that captivate imagination, atmosphere and class. In this case, Fay designed a place to party close to home that set the perfect backdrop for the intonation guest list.

When thinking of a wedding in Paros, some may think of tranquility and peace, but not in this case. Mariam and Vlad had only on agenda…PARTY! They said me from the start ‘Adam, we just want to party’. They are huge party people who only visualised celebrating with their friends and family.

From the story below, you will see just a snippet of how we partied and celebrated. It was all about the people, the moments and making memories on an island special to so many people. Paros is a spectacular island, perfect for any wedding but this wedding went above and beyond my expectations. My ears are still ringing.


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