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This was my second trip to South Africa this year already…hard life being a destination wedding photographer right? I have come to love South Africa for many reasons, light being one of them…obviously I am a photographer. However, nothing could have prepared me for what would have happened when I documented the wedding of Stasi and Ashleigh.

We landed with no luggage for 24 hours which seems to always be the case when I fly to SA. However, Stasi and Ashleigh made us feel so welcome that we didn’t care about wearing jeans and jumpers in 30 degree heat. This wedding for me will go down in history for so many reasons and it has to be one of the best weddings I have ever documented…the party was off the charts! The people, guests, family and friends were just epic.

Being a destination wedding photographer is probably not what you may think it is. Quite often, it is harder than sticking to areas to are familiar with. But one of the best challenges for me is seeing how different cultures celebrate love and this keeps me on my toes. Telling stories for people is an honest living, a great reason to wake up in the morning.

Being invited into a family for a few days, observing them and packaging it all up in the form of some digital information sounds so shallow and I believe it is.For one day they are the bride and the groom but we ‘should’ see them from before and after as they are only a bride and groom for one day in their lives…what about the rest?

In my opinion, I believe in telling things just as they are. Allow the images to tell the most beautiful stories, rich and full of truth but just as they are. For that day only, they are a bride and a groom and everything else is what it is. In the case of Ashleigh and Stasi, South Africa was their foundation growing up and although they live and work in London today, they wanted to celebrate with their friends and family back home in SA.

This was my second trip to South Africa this year already…hard life being a destination wedding photography

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